All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Asheville, North Carolina participates in a nation-wide pet identification program known as microchipping. Over the years, microchipping has become a widespread practice amongst pet owners and for a good reason: more owners than ever before are being reunited with lost pets quickly and efficiently.

A microchip is a device approximately the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin of the animal, between their shoulder blades. Each microchip has a code which is unique to the pet and is matched to your personal contact information. This microchip is inserted under your pet’s skin assuring that it will never be lost, unlike collars and ID tags. Participating shelters or veterinarians will scan lost pets to retrieve the code and safely return them to their owner.

Our doctors recommend microchipping all pets so they may be identified in the event they become separated from you. Have your pet enrolled in the microchip program by contacting one of our staff members today!