Intensive Care

All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center has one of the most progressive intensive care units for pets in the Asheville, North Carolina area. There are a number of reasons that animals may need the additional monitoring and care found at the critical care unit at our veterinary hospital. Trauma, intensive surgery, and disease states are some of the more common reasons pets are placed in intensive care at our hospital.

All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center offers advanced analyzers to continually measure vital signs for pets in our intensive care unit. Our hospital can perform the following functions in our intensive care ward:

  • • Monitor EKG, oxygen levels, and blood pressure
  • • Measure blood chemistry values, complete blood counts, and electrolyte levels
  • • Utilize our digital radiography system to locate fractures, measure organ size for swelling, detect foreign objects, and discover fluid accumulations
  • • Provide fluids and medications via IV administration.

Special care is also taken to ensure all pets are kept as comfortable as possible in our intensive care unit, and pain preventative medications are administered as necessary. Regardless of the cause, our experienced veterinarians and advanced equipment are here for your pet when intensive care is required. If your pet has an injury or is facing a surgery that may need an advanced intensive care unit in the Asheville area, please call All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.