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HOT DOGS (cats and horses too)- What to DO when your pet is experiencing HEAT STROKE

Heat stroke, the medical condition also known as Hyperthermia is a life threatening condition, and one that is unfortunately, commonly seen in veterinary hospitals this time of year.

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The Perils of Feline Obesity
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Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza is a newly emerging disease caused by a novel "flu" virus. In dogs, a strain of the influenza A virus known as H3N8, may cause respiratory illness. Canine Influenza is fatal in less than 3% of the confirmed cases.

There have been no reported cases of Canine Influenza in our area. We are not recommending having your pet vaccinated for C.I. at this time unless you are going to an endemic area or your pet is at high risk for contracting C.I. However, we do carry the vaccine should your pet fall into a high risk category or we have an outbreak in our area.

Current research shows there is no evidence to support transmission from dogs to humans.

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House Training your new puppy

Expect your puppy to have an accident in the house—it's a normal part of house-training a puppy. Avoid punishment after the fact; by then it's too late to administer a correction. When you catch him in the act of eliminating in the house, do something to interrupt him, like making a loud noise (don't scare him, just distract).

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